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We can assist you with obtaining protection for your invention
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Need a  Toronto Patent Lawyer?

For many companies, a patent is their most important asset and is critical to their success. Finding the right patent lawyer is an important first step to attaining your business goals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Aaron Edgar is a Toronto patent lawyer and patent agent registered in both the United States and Canada. Aaron has over nine years of experience gained at Canada’s top intellectual property law firms. He formed Edgar Chana Law to bring his patent expertise in the high-tech sector to clients at more reasonable rates.

Why Choose Aaron?

  • Patent Expertise: Aaron has almost a decade of experience working exclusively in patent law with the country’s top patent law firms. His experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications will provides you with a patent application that will protect and promote your business interests.
  • Technical Expertise: Having an electrical engineering degree, engineering work experience, and patent experience in a wide array of technology areas allows Aaron to quickly understand his client’s invention so that it can be protected properly.
  • Cost: Aaron’s expertise and client service rivals that of large or specialty law firms at a fraction of the cost.

Services Provided

Patent Searching

Do you need to determine whether your invention eligible for patent protection? Are you curious what patents your competitors are filing? Are you concerned that your new product may be infringing other patents? The first step to addressing these concerns is performing a patent search.

Patent Drafting

A patent application needs to be drafted in a persuasive manner that illustrates the merits of your invention over the competition. Drafting successful patent applications requires years of experience. 


An opinion from a lawyer can provide your investors with the assurances that the nature of your idea is innovative, or that you will not be surprised by a patent infringement lawsuit down the road. An opinion can help provide your business with confidence in its idea.

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Please give us a call at 647-478-9705 or an e-mail to discuss how we can assist you with your invention or patent issues.

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About Aaron

Aaron Edgar
Aaron EdgarLawyer and Patent Agent
Aaron Edgar is a Toronto patent lawyer and patent agent practicing as a partner with Edgar Chana Law.

Aaron is a registered patent agent in both the United States and Canada. He specializes in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in areas including computer hardware and software, telecommunication networks, mobile devices and cryptography. Aaron also has expertise protecting inventions related to clean technology, financial services, medical devices and mechanical designs in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Prior to entering into the practice of law, Aaron worked as an electrical engineer designing integrated circuits for a start-up telecommunications company.